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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MAS MH17 Shoot Down in Ukraine Part 3

The Hand Over MH17 Black Box Ceremony in Donetsk. Both side signed the handing over protocol and hand shake each other as the symbol of friendship between Malaysia and Pro Rebel Russian.

The Train already departure to Kharkiv where our Malaysia and Ducth Team waiting to received the body.

MAS MH17 Shoot Down in Ukraine Part 3

Thanks God because make the event become easy to conclusion. Last Night, Prime Minister Najib Razak make the official statement that He already discussed with Pro Rebel Russian in Donetsk regarding handing over of The Black Box and Transportation Dead Body. 

The remains of 282 people, currently in Torez, will be moved by train to Kharkiv, where they will be handed over to representatives from the Netherlands. The train will depart this evening Ukraine time, and will be accompanied by six Malaysian members of the recovery team. The remains will then be flown to Amsterdam on board a Dutch C130 Hercules, together with the Malaysian team. Following any necessary forensic work, the remains of Malaysian citizens will then be flown home to Malaysia.

The black box already hand over to Malaysia Recovery Team in Donetsk by through simple ceremony with Pro Rebel Russian and Malaysia Team satisfied the condition of the black box and good cooperation that has been given by Pro Rebel Russia.

At last, our PM do tremendous job and effort to make this happen. Thanks to Russian also especially to Putin because his influence make easier to rebel make deal with Malaysia Government.

So this is time for the truth. Who Shoot Down MH17. UN already approved the resolution to established independent investigation team to enter the crash site as soon as posibble

The Russian Defence also leak some information regarding 2nos Ukrainian SU 25 fly close to MH17 during that tragedy. It come up with the radar chart and figure chart as evidence to blame Russian.

Simple Review Map from Shah Paskal regarding the theory who shoot down MH17. Think twice guys. Please don't accept what Western Media told us.

Monday, July 21, 2014

MAS MH17 Shoot Down in Ukraine Part 2

So far not much good news we can heard from international media regarding this tragedy. Malaysia Special Investigation Team already stationed in Malaysia Embassy in Kiev and keep waiting a green light from Ukraine Authorities to access the crash site.

Last 48 hour just long period of time that investigation can enter and find the evidence about whom shoot down our plane in Donestk Ukraine. The information that I'm heard from amateur radio station in East Ukraine. All remaining body of all passenger MH17 has been removed from Pro Russian Rebel to store in special storage to ensure the body will not decomposed quickly. The OSHE representative has been invited to cross check the storage. The information that I'm heard also about the situation about the crash site. Most of the villagers and people on that area already not welcomed the Western party enter their homeland. I'm also understand why they react like that, It would become the poison in their heart for what Western have done to that province.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Syark Military Personal - 1/6 Soldier Story USAF Pararescue Jumpers Type B

1/6 Soldier Story USAF Pararescue Jumpers Type B

USAF Pararescue Jumpers Type B from Soldier Story is another attract figure that has must been to collected because it inspired from Documentary Show National Geographic Inside Combat Rescue when it shows the reality of dedicated USAF PJ do their tremendous job in Afghanistan save injured alliance troops and civilian with their Trade Mark " That Others May Live".

Well as usual, Soldier Story Brand from Hong kong never make me frustrated with the quality and finishing about their model. Easy to assemble but need some of patient and try to take deep breath when we do some simple mistake because maybe we will lost some smaller item of this equipment.  

USAF Pararescue Jumpers setup has been equipped with latest version BDU USAF DRIFIRE with GEN 2 Combat Shirt along with 6094A Combat Vest. The main rifle SCAR Mk 17 Rifle with a lot of attachment equipment. This is the specs of Equipment of USAF Para Rescue Jumpers Type B

DRIFIRE Air Force Combat Shirt
Gen2 Combat Pants
NSW Strobe Pouch
6094A Vest
ESAPI Armor Plate *2
MOLLE Knife Carrier
Medic Pouch
E&E Pouch
762 Insert Pouch
PRC-152 Radio Pouch
100RD 762 Pouch
Single 762 Mag Pouch
Tourniquet Pouch
Grenade/Flash Bang Pouch
Folding Dump Pouch
PJ Tactical Rappel Belt
Personal Retention Lanyard Helo
GI Rappelling Gloves
Fugitive GTX Boots * 1 Pair
MK17 Rifle
Rail Covers *3
EXPS2 Red Dot Sight
G23 3X Magnifier
AAC Silencer
AN/PEQ-15A Dual Beam Aiming Laser
MK17 Mag *3+1
M952 Gun Light
Push Button Swivel & MWS Forend Rail Mount
MK18 Smoke Grenade
VCAS Gun Sling
FAST Helmet
L4G24 NVG Mount
NVG Amber Filter (Red) *2
NVG Compass Magnetic
MANTA Strobe Light
MS2000 Strobe Light
V-LITE Light *2
M-Frame 20 Sunglasses
COMTAC 3 Headset with PTT
ARC Mount
PRC-152 Radio
BIO Reservoir with Tube
Combat Application Tourniquet
Light Stick *4
Carabineer *2 (GOLD/BLUE)
Eashook Acnchor Carabineer
Rescue Hook
"M" Gloves
Middle Eastern Headwraps
MOLLE Vest Mount Hydration Carrier with Fabric Tube
Rite in the Rain
Map *2
Dyneema Ultraline *2 set
PJ Rescue System
Straps *4
Removable Webbing Handles *4

Friday, July 18, 2014

MAS MH17 Shoot Down in Ukraine

I'm shock and really do expect this thing will happen to my country to my proud airlines. I just has noticed this tragedy through my friend when he shared some link up from CNN and Al Jazeera last morning. The Flight MH17 was departed from Amsterdam at 12.15pm local time and scheduled to touch down in Kuala Lumpur at 6.10am local time. The aircraft of MH17 is Boeing 777-200 and carrier more than 295 people comprising 280 passengers and 15 crew members. The list of people has dead not yet been confirmed by MAS and Malaysia Authorities.

The aircraft has been shoot down based on statement from Ukraine President in Kiev. Most Intelligence agencies sources related to Russian Medium Air Defence BUK M. The most advanced and sophisticated Air Defence that has been used both Russian and Ukraine. That Missile has been pointed as the cause downed MH17.

US President Barrack Obama make the phone call with Our Prime Minister Najib Razak regarding MH17 Disaster.

I hope right now US and Malaysia push forward and effort to pressure Ukraine Government to set up temporary cease fire with the Pro Rebel Russian to easier our special and emergency team to enter to crash site.

We need justice and We want the related party to this tragedy must be straight away to Justice.

The Deadly 4 finger of Devil. The BUK M Air Defence Missile. The one that has been suspected take down MH 17


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Syark Defence Forces (SDF) - 1/35 Diorama Iraqi Freedom Scene Fire Base Trumpeter USMC M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer (Early Version)

1/35 Diorama Iraqi Freedom Scene Fire Base Trumpeter USMC M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer (Early Version)

Happy Ramadan Fasting to all my Muslim brother and sister in Malaysia and around the world especially to all Palestinian Brother. I'm only can send pray and some donation that I have to Palestinian in Gaza and Hope Al Qassam Brigade will give heavy fire fight to IDF ground when the rumors says that IDF ground force try to penetrate north of gaza. Allahuakbar

So today I would like to share new diorama that I keep waiting a long time but now it become my fabulous collection. Diorama Fire Base USMC M198 Medium Towed Howitzer during Iraqi Freedom 2003. M198 Howitzer has been operated by USMC and US Army in 1979 and almost 1600 unit  has produced. Most 10 country operated this howitzer in their artillery team with the australia is second larger operator after United States.

The service record of this howitzer never been doubt since it first operation in Gulf War until Iraqi Freedom 2003 and some record says it still served in Afganistan due to Taliban Insurgency. The M198 Howitzer is operated by 4 to 9 enlisted man and Fire range can achieved more than 22.4km to 30km max depend on what type of munition has been used during fire mission.

Therefore, diorama fire base M198 Howitzer is the most diorama that I wanted all the time in my military collection. Thanks to view guys.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ambush Attack in Mabul Island 12/July/2014

Mabul sland has been attacked last night by 8 militant from Philippine Island. Several gunshots has been targeted to Malaysia Marin Police in one restaurant around Mabul Island and they also ambushed the jetty where Marin Police RH40 Boat has been placed. One of our hero has been fallen during this firefight. I hope ESSCOM will do what ever method they have in order to rescue our hostage Marin Police by this Militant. I'm trusted our Comando can take this risk to rescue our heroes in philippine territory.

Fallen Hero Koperal AB Rajah b Jamuan 32 year

Hostage Konstabel Zakiah bin Aleip. left side with MP5

The body of fallen hero Kpl Ab Rajah bin Jamuan has been arrived in Hospital Tawau to postmortem procedure.