Lawatan LIMA 2011 9 - 10hb Disember 2011

Mysefl near to Mock Up Eurofighter Typhoon

Me in Eurofigther Typhoon Cockpit

My Proud Country Airforce TUDM SU30MKM (kredit for Majorbee)

The Incoming New MRCA to TUDM - EuroFighter Typhoon Single Typhoon

The Boieng F/A 18F SuperHornet F

A long and hot day on 9 and 10 December 2011 but I so happy and so satisfies this event. The airshow has been showed on that time already make thousand visitor excited with the supersonic sound wave in Langkawi. I and my wife has a change to be there. I also test my body to get enter in Eurofighter Cockpit. Woooow what a priceless exprience that I got on that day. Many picture I and my friends in Forum snap and stored in our facebook and forum. Feel free guys to visit our forum site to see the pictures and video during the LIMA 2011. Thanks a lot Majorbee, Afiq Flanker, GGK, Kurien, Fakry, IkanSadinmakanorang, and Shadowatlantis due to your support during my visit. To my beloved wife thank you join your husband and get sunburn and fever during this event. hehehhe

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  1. bro syark, leh tak sy memiliki gamba cik su dgn resolusi yg sebenar? nk wt wallpaper PC le

  2. afisadio..try add facebook majorbee..gmbr airshow aku amik dari dia

    ni Link dia


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